Text-Tool is the perfect tool for all your text editing needs! Text-Tool is a powerful text editing plugin that allows users to remove duplicate words, remove words that are not in alphabetical order, change the case of the text, and put their cursor at the beginning of the line within a single line. For all these functions we do not need to press the button more than once (perhaps we will find it tough but we can do it). It is a plugin without any unnecessary function based on what anyone could be willing to use.

Boost your text! You're a busy person, with a lot of texts to send. Text-Tool allows you to effectively manage your texts without being interrupted. With Text-Tool, you can clear the entire screen, convert words to either ascending or descending order (a to z), or just convert it all to uppercase or lowercase. It's a must-have tool for anyone who spends a lot of time working with text.

Text-Tool is a text manipulation software, which is able to do any text process: from changing line (, ) to comma and space, trimming white space, replacing every string with a new one, and so on. With Text-Tool you can strip out formatting or symbols. It's applicable to any programming language and any text file type. Text-Tool is software that converts multiple spaces to tabs in order to be able to access content from the side.

It was developed by the developer of our company. Text-Tool is a great program for developers and design experts.ClickSpurr helps you design tools or microservices like this. Just one click can save you hours of work. Get it to touch today